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Please read the description before purchasing!


What are Chameleon Flakes?

These are colour shifting pigments composed of minerals. The colours shift and change depending on the angle the light hits. 


These are 100% cosmetic grade. This is made of pigment instead of glitter which makes them gentle on the skin and melts easily.
Ingredients: Made from minerals: Silica, Titanium Dioxide

Silica that is specifically formulated for beauty products is safe

*Does not contain Mica or Glitter (100% Plastic Free)


Please note that all our loose pigments are potted to a specific fill weight, not volume.

Weight: 0.25g

Some of the pots may appear to have less quantity than others, this is because they are heavier or finely milled. You may see that some look chunkier than others.

(we do fill them a bit more than this amount, so that you are getting what you pay for)


How to apply:

These apply sheer on their own & work best mixed with liquid!


Finger Application:

- wet the finger with water or setting spray, dip it into the pigment and mix on the back on your hand in a patting motion to activate the product, then apply to the eyelid. You may continue to wet or pray the finger with water or setting spray if needed!

Brush Application With Water or Setting Spray:

Spray the brush and pick up the pigment and apply.

Glitter Glue/ Glitter Primer Application:

- add glitter glue or glitter primer on a flat brush, pick up the pigment and pat it on the area that you will apply the pigment. You may also apply the glitter primer before application!

For a soft blended look: apply the pigment on its own with a small brush (only recommended for finer pigments)

For a foiled look: apply setting spray when adding the pigment or after adding the pigment on to the eye lid


If you are new to this product, play around with a small amount on the back of your hand to see what works best!


Are these chameleon flakes biodegradable?

These are not biodegradable and are made from naturally occurring minerals "Silica" and "Titanium Dioxide" and will not degrade further because they are in their final form. These are 100% plastic free and turns into a fine dust when mixed with water.


Please note that these pots do not have stoppers or filters, so when they arrive, please be careful when opening the pot. We are not responsible for any accidents while opening!!


Avoid direct eye contact. These are safe for external use on the skin and around the eye area.


Please do not inhale or ingest this product - It can be highly hazardous like other makeup products!! This is for cosmetic use only!!


If you are uncomfortable using this product, please do not purchase it. We would recommend a pressed or liquid pigment for better control and less fallout. Check out our Liquid Eyeshadow Sparklers for an alternative.


*Photos are taken in both natural and flash light - swatched with water!


Pleiades - Chameleon Flakes

C$15.00 Regular Price
C$9.00Sale Price
  • All sales are final! Please read the description of the product before purchasing. If you have any questions or concern about the product, please email us:

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